Francesca Marie Smith

best known for the voice of Helga Pataki on Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold!.

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I was a whole bunch of folks on Recess, yup. :) There was a lot of cast and crew crossover between the shows.

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That is, in fact, precisely what I look like.

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Who doesn't?

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We were good friends, but I'd hardly say I was obsessed. ;)

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The great thing is that my Netflix account used to tell me I was less likely to enjoy HA! than the average Netflix user.

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Puberty. :/ Voices change.

francesca_smith222 karma!!!!

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Exactly. My mission is thus rendered successful.

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"Check out my cuspidor! I'm what you're looking for...Helga won't you dump this guy and come to my bullFIGHTS!" "Hmm...bullfights eh?" "Bullfights and sword fights, rolling in manure! Blows to the head (ding) I can endure! Fighting bulls is all I want in life, plus I could use a wiiiiiife! And several pairs of tights! In shades of bluuuuue! Helga please say I doooooo!"

...why is this still in my memory...

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Thanks! I loved doing it. Still get the songs stuck in my head.