Eyal Levi

is the guitarist and co-writer for Roadrunner Records industrial/death metal band, Dååth

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mrjumping44 karma

Mainstream. I don't think it's changed much. Maybe the specifics of what's popular at the time but at the end of the day mainstream music is like the equivalent of sonic fast food. Tastes good going in, is scientifically engineered to give you the exact feeling it gives you, but once that feeling fades leaves you with nothing good. (there's some exceptions of course)

mrjumping29 karma

Getting lazy about playing live seems to bite big bands in the ass doesn't it ? I don't think you can ever really get lazy about music. The public moves too quickly. Also, living comfortably is relative so first ask yourself, what figure would you need to pull in to feel comfortable. Then figure out about five different income streams the band can tap into and forget it coming from record sales.

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Committed musicians and songwriters.

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Biggest asshole I've ever worked with wasn't famous and probably will never be. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE

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I get that but obviously you know I'm not going to call anyone out by name. Also, and more importantly, my point is that despite a common myth about rockstars being assholes, usually successful people are cool. And there's a reason that's true. Nobody becomes famous without the help of a team. And if you are an asshole your team will abandon you after you show your first sign of weakness. That may not matter in the short term but in the long term that's not the recipe for a good career. And do you really consider 1 hit wonders and "15 minutes of fame" recipients to be famous?

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Ok. He had long hair and wore black.

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Pretty fucking awesome !

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I try to. And usually I do. And when I don't, I lie to myself until I do. Typically works.