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It's German. It means "The Noobs, The."

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I game on a Mac too, you're not alone. Also love my Wii U.

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Like a zergling rodeo.

The hardest part, sometimes, is not to laugh and ruin a good joke or something. It sucks to have to be the "serious one" on set, but we usually have had a blast without having to herd them too much.

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You need to go deeper: ask why you shot web.

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Acer.Scarlett is one of the best Starcraft players in the world. There are a handful of women pros, but you are right that it's very male dominated. Which is a shame, gaming really takes out a lot of the physical differences between the sexes and levels the playing field in that regard. Hopefully, we'll see more woman climbing to top tiers of the sport soon.

Edit: Another good looking doc, GTFO, is exploring that topic in a lot more detail:

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Josh was great, the moment the cameras started rolling, he knew exactly what I was going for. He is one of the training camp heads that the boys meet up with that train them how to be pros. So we have a lot of great footage of him with them in the ring.

You can see just a small preview of him power bombing Zack in the beginning of this trailer during his sound bite:

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I see eSports a lot like mixed martial arts was about 10 years ago. In the next ten years FOX (or someone) is going to be carrying tournaments just like they do UFC matches now. I think Blizzard's WCS attempt to make the sport more streamlined and less fragmented is steps in the right direction on that front as well.

I also see parallels with soccer in the states: about thirty years ago, every kid in America started playing recreational soccer. They're becoming adults with disposable incomes (so ad revenue) that understand the game and want to watch it played professionally. eSports is just a little bit behind that in terms of every kid in America growing up playing video games, becoming adults with disposable incomes and wanting to watch it played professionally.

Right now, you still get a little sticker shock when people here about professional gaming, but like you know, it's really no different than any other kid's game that adults play for money.

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The idea is that a shortest possible distance exists in the universe, called a Planck length, after the scientist Max Planck and his work on quantum theory. String theorists guess that the smallest parts of the universe, the things atoms are made up of, quarks and very tiny particles, are all strings that are Planck length. Just as one string on a guitar can vibrate at different frequencies to produce different notes, string theorists believe these tiny strings represent all those very different particles at different "frequencies."

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It's actually about guys like you trying to go pro. They go to tournaments around the world and talk to pros about how they can do it. They see the culture along the way, and learn what it's all about. They learn that even big rockstars like M. Shadows playing in professional Call of Duty tournaments, that Korean Starcraft players train for twelve plus hours a day, that it's really not that different from playing more mainstream sports like NFL football. Not to give too much away, but they will play in a real pro tournament.

Plus it'll be fun. That helps.

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Electronica is so big in the scene we couldn't not use it. A lot can change between now and picture lock, but that's my feeling right now.

Dupstep artist Jonah Wei-Haas, formerly of Pinn Panelle is our composer and he's amazing. He does some glitch hop, electronica and even jazz. You can listen to his stuff a couple of different ways: