Eric Kaplan

is an American television writer, producer, and story editor. His work has included shows such as Late Show with David Letterman, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Malcolm in the Middle, and Futurama.

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I didn't make you cry -- you wanted to cry and you used the cartoon as an opportunity

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some joker goes online and people complain about laugh tracks

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you good

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go for it -- let me know how it plays out

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it has to do with ratings and money not the creative quality of the show

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good good. Good.

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Well I wanted to deal with the pathos of being a guy in the future who has left his life behind and everybody he cared about. I have been interested in fossilized creatures since I was a kid. Originally it was going to be Fry's Mom but David Cohen thought it would be too upsetting.

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Zoidberg -- he is like a marvellous crab man

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oh mama we both good