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is an American journalist, senior editor for online magazine Slate, and a senior research fellow at Yale Law School. Her work as a writer focuses on law, abortion, and family issues.

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oh that's such a good idea--will suggest to our podcast maestro, Andy Bowers. As long as I never have to reveal to Phil how very little I know about astronomy.

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I'm a big fan of term limits. I like the 18 year limit, which would pretty quickly give each president 2 picks. Seems about right. And it would mean that we wouldn't have a small number of people making such huge decisions for the country for decade upon decade. When the framers came up w life tenure, life spans were a lot shorter.

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Bullying doesn't mean offending someone. It's physical or verbal abuse that's repeated over time and involves a power imbalance--one person lording it over another, chronically, to make the other person miserable. Criticism and mockery online is different, right? It can be hurtful, sure, but there's no evidence it creates an increased risk of lasting psychological harm, which is true of bullying defined properly.

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Hey Reddit folks, I loved doing this AMA--thanks for making it so fun! Maybe I'll get to come back sometime. It's been a pleasure.


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I will pass this along. Sorry for the frustration and thank you for sticking with us! Comment sections are hard to get right.

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You're right, we should be working on this. I don't hire, so I'm not directly involved. I think that this isn't just about Slate: it's also about the education pipeline, and about the state of journalism. It's became a shakier field and that means it's harder for young ppl who don't have a lot of family wealth--more often true for minorities--to take a chance on it.

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It's a really interesting transitional moment. I'm all for outing the schools that sold students on amassing debt by inflating their numbers of post-grad employment and salaries. I'm also intrigued by the idea of a 2 year degree plus apprenticeship, or year of clinical education. In my experience, clinics and internships were extremely worthwhile.

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Forget that this is about me, bec that's embarrassing--why is this sexist? I can see that it could be sexual, but if a woman had the same feeling about David or John, would we think twice about it?

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I love that in Plotz's AMA, someone asked him why he gives me a hard time on the gabfest, and he asked if it was me writing in. (Not.) Now in my AMA, I'm getting all the sympathy. You know, I love David (and John too of course). I mean really. I've been known to bring tissues into his office bec he's someone I can safely cry to. He's also one of the smartest people I know, so he always make my work sharper. And of course the show would be no fun if he didn't take shots!

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oh that's interesting. Do you think that the ppl who'd complain loudest under bush are muted because they are generally obama supporters? I've been feeling the opposite: an obligation to speak up bec I know I would have done that under Bush. And I don't think we would hve impeached him. After all, he did a lot of broad datamining and surveillance WITHOUT the stamp of approval from the FISA court, which Obama has. That's another reason maybe why Obama hasn't been as touched. He hasn't obviously broken the law. You can argue that this is counter to the constitution, but that's a little different, absent a court ruling saying so.