Ellen McLain

is an American opera singer and voice actress from Nashville, Tennessee. She is known for providing the voice of GLaDOS, the computer antagonist of the Portal video game series.

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  1. Chell is my daughter ;)
  2. I would order in breakfast in bed.
  3. Jonathan Coulton is a genius. A very, very nice genius.
  4. Unfortunately, Gabe Newell was attacked by a 3 when was very young, so I don't know.


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I want AT&T to contact me to do Siri. I think GLaDOS would be perfect for everyone's smartphone.

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I'm making a note here: Huge Success.

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I just repeat condescending Ellen lines. I have plenty.

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Portal 3, lol.

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I think that my work on Portal affected the writing for Portal 2. Erik and Jay and Chet realized what a bitch I am and they just played along.

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I've been busy being old.

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Wait and see...

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"Eating tofu and giving you good advice aren't mutually exclusive."

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I keep my husband happy.