Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabeth wurtzel
is an American writer and journalist, known for publishing her memoir, the best-selling Prozac Nation, at the age of 26, in the memoir genre in general. She holds a BA from Harvard College and a JD from Yale Law School.

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I really did not like it. But lots of people seem to have liked it. The performances were excellent. The book has a lot of humor in it, and the movie just didn't. That bothered me a lot. It felt like a generic movie about depression. And the way that something becomes universally meaningful is by specificity. Both the divine and the devil are in the details.

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We are suing China, or actually the Bank of China, because they launder money from Iran and Syria to terrorist organizations in Palestine. Turns out the Chinese do not like being sued in US court. Who knew?! :-) It has been an amazing mess.

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I think it is important to have a plan. I am 46 and not married, and I am happy, but I don't recommend this. My life is this way because I am pretty crazy and very intense, which is not good for marriage and family, but I think that is mostly what works. I also think having a career that is on track is what works. Having an orderly life is a good thing. In truth, my life is quite orderly in its way. I work very hard at writing, and I am a devoted friend, and when I am in a relationship, I am a devoted girlfriend. It is shocking how much time I spend with my crazy mother. And I have a dog, which is a huge responsibility. But I am carefree compared to people with families. And I think that weight probably feels good. In any case, I would say at 25, you should figure out what it is you want out of life in the long run, and make plans to make it happen. In terms of men, it is a great time to be fucking around and having a lot of fun, but I would start thinking about what looks good for the long run. I am really glad that I was incredibly promiscuous when I was 25. I am also really glad I did a lot of writing. I am really glad that I eventually turned 30.

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Being a writer is extremely hard. This has always been true. It was true for Chaucer. It was true for Shakespeare, who wrote plays to please the queen. No one cares if you write. It has to matter to you so enormously much that you visit your ego upon the world and give it no choice except to care. I agree that this is harder now, not just because there are all these outlets that don't pay, but also because there are ALL THESE OUTLETS. Because of the Internet, there is too much content and not enough audience. It is so hard to distinguish oneself. Here is the trick, I think: You have to be brave as a writer. You have to write in a pure voice that is distinct and rare. It really is not hard. That does not require facility with words so much as it requires lack of fear. Of course, that is hard. Fear is the thing that gets in the way of everything: love, happiness, success.

I happen to think there were many more opportunities twenty years ago to get a job as an editorial assistant at a magazine and write little articles until you could get assigned bigger pieces. But in terms of becoming an author of a book, the odds are as stacked against you or for you as ever. It is really difficult. But I think if you are sure this is what you must do, you need to be fearless and proceed. It really only works if it is a matter of no other choice.

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I will look into that. I signed contracts for ebooks, so they should be available, but I will check.

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Don't worry. Don't worry about anything. It doesn't help. I have spent a lot of time believing that I could control the outcome of events by worrying about them. I think that is what therapists call magical thinking. But your thoughts don't make a difference. All that matters is what you do. So I would say my best advice is do the best you can and assume the result will be good. I wish I had been enjoying myself all the times I was anxious and not.

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It is funny.

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I have been lucky to have met some very interesting people. I knew David Foster Wallace quite well for a little while, during the time he was writing Infinite Jest. He was INTENSE. But I think what really has meant the most to me are the friends I made in college in who I am still close with, who are smart and solid people and have kept me stable even though I really am not so stable. I have been lucky enough to meet Bruce Springsteen, who I have idolized for most of my life. And I think I have been lucky in lots of ways that have surprised me.

I listen to the strangest array of things. I rediscovered the Beastie Boys album Check Your Head, which is awesome. I also really love to put albums from long ago, and try to pretend that it is actually that year and really feel what it must have felt like to hear those songs for the first time. I listen to Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced? and think about how people heard him ask who in their measly little world were they trying to prove that they were made out of gold and couldn't be sold, and that in 1967 it scared people into leaving home and changing their lives completely. That makes me happy. "Light My Fire" was the number one song when I was born. It is so tedious now, but it must have been incredible to hear the first time.

I listen to a lot of country music. I like to warn people that sooner or later they will be 40 and listen to country music. I love Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams. I listen to Dylan and Bruce. I do love the Black Keys. They rock.

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that is not very nice, is it?

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Sit down and write. Like the Nike ad says: just do it. Science provides so much to work with.