Eddie Huang

hosted Cheap Bites on the Cooking Channel January 1, 2012 and also appeared on several episodes of Unique Eats before leaving the Cooking Channel for Vice where he now hosts Fresh Off the Boat

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pussy, i like to eat it laying down

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i eat a lot of vegan food during the day. i still love to eat meat, but i do my best to not waste anything, not over indulge, and am trying to convert as much of my diet to vegetarian/vegan as possible.

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DOPE! tell ur professor to hit me. would love to rap with him

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shouts to Oh WOW gallery. a-ron downtown don actually put out a book with photos of last meals.

man, soup dumplings, peking duck, taiwanese beef noodle soup, orangina, black forest gummy bears, fried chicken, lion's head meatballs, portugese egg tarts, hot soy milk, I WANT ALL THAT MY DUDE

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thank u fam... i just didn't like the culture of law firms and felt i could do more for the causes i believed in as an advocate using "art" or other creative pursuits

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i love taiwan beer. its great. interesting can too. slightly smaller than most

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i love brighton beach. yes, persian la was lame. we were kinda told that there was gonna be things to see but it was doo doo bombs. i hope u appreciate though that we kept it real instead of trying to sensationalize and tell you to go somewhere that sucked

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to quote CNN "LA LA big city of dreams but every thing in LA aint always what it seems..."

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GOOD QUESTION... sometimes they come to flushing and do demos