Don Coscarelli, Jr.

film director, producer and screenwriter best known for horror films. His credits include the Phantasm series, The Beastmaster, and Bubba Ho-Tep.

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It was a function of time limit by nature of an independent feature film. As it was we shot a number of scenes that will be on the DVD that were deleted including more of North, monologs from Justin and a great interview with Marconi. The choice was to do it this way or not do the movie. I think the work can exist in two mediums.

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Thanks for that comment. They are talented actors and real good guys. It was a terrifying experience casting the movie as we needed these two actors to make the movie work. Chase walked into our casting session on the second day, he had just graduated USC and had never been in a movie or tv show. I had to ask him to show up the first day of shooting with Paul Giamatti and do 8 pages of dialog. The guy has ice water in his veins, for a guy his age. Rob had a charm and sweet, goofy nature, that just seemed like John to me.


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I think just deleted scenes for this release. But we could put together a longer cut if the power-that-be agreed to do it.

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Sounds to me like you married well. Congrats!

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Once again I'll take my comments and let DW handle the masturbation one. Always was looking to make one movie. Haven't really purchased anything extroardinarily ridiculous but would really like one of those doorknobs from the movie. TBIFOS is a freaking terrific book! It should be a movie!

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I'll answer the ones I can and DW can answer the others. I met Paul as he was a fan of a previous film I did BUBBA HO-TEP. i gave him the screenplay adaptation and he signed on. Later he read, and loved the source novel. I selected the best dog I could find for the film. He was a male and his name was Bark Lee. He responded to his name. Changing the name guaranteed us a better canine performance.

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My brain spider sends his regards. See info on Bark Lee in post above.

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It started as what I thought was a brilliant budget choice. If you re-read that passage of the book, that scene would have cost tens of millions of $$ to pull off. But as I began to see what our terrific animator, David Hartman, was doing with the scene, I fully embraced it as the perfect creative depiction of the scene, imho. If you liked what Hartman did, check out his website for more terrific illustrations and music videos he did for Rob Zombie at !!

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Last time I spoke with Angus he had this answer for you. "Just tell them I haven't hung up the old balls yet."

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If everyone orders the film 3 times on VOD, takes a dozen friends to the theater and then buys 4 copies of the DVD, I can guarantee we will make a sequel. (I love TBIFOS btw) I hear sales are great so far.