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The Treegasm episode was inspired by two trees growing in David Stern's (former show runner) back yard. They we're slowly growing toward each other for years, and just about to connect. It was the idea of two creatures having to wait that long to 'do it' that sparked the episode.

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My favorite cartoon at the moment is a failed pilot for the Cartoon Network called "Uncle Grandpa". It's insane.

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  1. Are you sure he was there for any of the Ugly production? At the risk of breaking John Starr's heart, I must admit that I don't remember him. I'm sorry John. Please, forgive me.

  2. I think we would lose some of the magic of this crazy world if we explained too much of the back story. There is something nice about the mystery of why the world of Ugly Americans is full of monsters. However, we do like to drop little tidbits of our alternate history into episode here and there. One day, after season 10, we will be able to compile a massive historic tome. Which we will then put into schools in place of real history books.

  3. My favorite character at the moment is Leonard. Only because I too am a 600 year old drunken wizard.

  4. It's hard to follow up a show that has such a massive following like South Park. 16 Seasons! But, we're holding strong, getting the word out, building an audience…slowly. So, if you know anyone with a Nielsen box please bribe them to watch our show.

  5. Favorite line?…"Suck my ball!" (meaning "thanks for watching" in ManBird of course.)

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Thanks for the good word!

I would probably want to hang out with Randall. Though I'm sure that would mean waking up naked with him and a sludge beast, probably a with a couple missing fingers, and the worst hang over ever...if I even still have a brain.

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Not at all.

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The initial inspiration for creating the show was really just to have an excuse to draw as many weird character designs as possible. I would blame that creative need on a lifetime of reading too many comics and watching horror and sci-fi films. I had to get all those monsters out of my head!

As for the look of the show. Aaron Augenblick and I are huge fans of that dark and inky style in EC comics. We definitely set out to capture that look in the show.

And thanks! Glad you're digging the show!

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Our show developer, David Stern, played a big part in creating Mark. David's father was a social worker and David saw that profession as a great way of plunging our main character into the lives of all these bizarre and dysfunctional creatures.

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TV is dead! Long live the internet! We've started to put most of our episodes on-line, on the Comedy Central site to help combat the illegal downloading.

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All the characters have evolved a bit since the first season. I think we just got a kick out the idea of a big terrifying demon boss also being a naive mama's boy.

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No guarantees. If we get enough viewers on these episodes, they will pick us up for more. So, spread the word!