David Silverman

David silverman apr 4 2011
is the current president of the American Atheists, a non-profit organization that supports the rights of atheists and the removal of expressions of religion in public when possibly interpretable as governmental endorsement.

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He is civil and businesslike. A firm handshake. He knows what he's doing and is a master of his craft. After the last appearance, when we had some real genuine on-camera fire, he looked at me and smiled. We both knew it was good TV.

And yes, the meme face did come as I was realized that the Intelligent and educated man to whom I'd spoken off camera was not the person in front of me.

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She is indeed, although I wouldn't call her heavily religious.

I do have many religious friends. We acknowledge our differences and laugh at them. We will jab each other occasionally. I never try to convert them, and if they try to convert me, well, I convert them.

OK that last part isn't true. I just thought it was funny. I don't convert my friends and don't have friends that would try to convert me.

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This is easy. Come out. The more people come out the more the ignorance will be replaced by experience. Wear your atheism on your sleeve, smile, and answer questions calmly. It's THE BEST ACTIVISM.

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I did a great interview on the Catholic Channel on Sirius about the Utah Cross Case. I had them supporting our side of the case by the end of the call (callers too).

For the most part, the interviewer is not in a position to change his/her mind, but rather to ask questions. Its an interview, not a debate.

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That Camp Quest and the Secular Student Alliance can't keep up with their demand.

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I think the forum is generally a great place. I think some posters have to realize that the enemy is outside the movement, and that hateful or harassing crap gets in our way. I think bashing religion (not believers) is a fun activity for the whole family, but atheists bashing atheists is counterproductive. I love the Philosoraptor.

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Honestly. Really Honestly. I thought this year's billboard was too soft. We'd called religion a myth several times, and I didn't think this was too over-the-top.

BUT others disagreed, and we got some great press, spreading our word on national news, complete with the clear message that there was an atheist organization with enough money for a huge billboard in Times Square, telling atheists to celebrate without religion.

And then CNN picked it up and did a BELIEF article on AA v. Harvard Hunaists doing some charity work with a local church v the SSA's parties. This article was syndicated nationally. Guess what. That article would not have been written, an the good works of the HH and SSA would not have gotten any press at all without Dump the Myth in Times Square.

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Glad you came! The next one is 2016. We won't have a solid date until summer of 2015.

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I got started by filling a hole - there was no State Director at American Atheists, and I wanted to satisfy a need in Trenton.

Today's aspiring activists have a multitude of choices. My suggestion would be to find a need that isn't being satisfied - A club at school may need a treasurer, or a founder. Then, ask yourself if you would feel happy doing that.

You need to like what you do, because this is volunteerism and if you don't like what you do you will get tired and quit. Do the activity you like for the cause you love.