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What is wrong with nightmares? They're like good horror films that you actually believe are real, and then you wake up unharmed with something to think about.

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I am a freelance life-destroyer.

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I think I am bored with the shit-stream of bland culture that is being crammed down my throat from every angle. I think that is why I make the stuff I make.

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We sat and thought of stupid names that made us laugh. Cumberdale was actually from an episode of the Simpsons where they got a swimming pool and the house was filled with random children. One of them calls Marge "Mrs. Cumberdale". It made me laugh and it still makes me laugh.

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From my fingers. Apparently I have funny looking fingers when I play guitar.

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I've been sent quite a few. Don't know why I am hosting them:

http://www.fat-pie.com/fanstuff2010/saladfingersboner.jpg - NSFW

http://www.fat-pie.com/fanstuff2010/sala88d.jpg - NSFW

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That should be your girlfriend's job.

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I have no idea. Boards of Canada are a bit reclusive. I heard a rumour that Aphex Twin has seen the Milkman cartoon though. I hope he has.

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I joined here a few years ago because I was sick of Digg, though I never really investigated the AMA section before. Someone asked me very nicely to do this, so I did.

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Ideas come from:

Dreams. Things that happen around me. Things that could happen. Things that I'm glad aren't happening. Things that I wish would happen.