David Gordon

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is a dancer, choreographer, writer, actor and theatrical director prominent in the world of postmodern dance and performance.

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I worked as a writer and editor at Hustler, Chic and Barely Legal in the 90s. Though if you care to start an internet rumor about my career as a major porn star, please do.

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Thank you. So you can back up my story!

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I don't know! They said it was because there is a tradition there of fictionalized first-person narrators. Also I think there is a longstanding interest in the sort of stuff I wrote about in that book: pulp novels, genre fiction, etc. Also they are just very cool, haha.

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I am ready for his call.

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Yes or the time/space continuum will be sundered.

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I hope so. Maybe I will be known as a famous Japanese novelist here. Right now all the twitter posts are calling me like "obscure novelist is big in Japan" or "modest selling..." Oh well

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Yes good point. You are all convincing me to move to Japan. But I am not sure how....

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It is a bit surreal. Unfortunately, the other one seems more exciting than the one I am in.

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As I said below it is a bit of a mystery, except that there is definitely an interest in Japan in some of the subject matter I write about such as pulp novels, genre fiction etc. Also some of the things people sometimes critique me for here: discussing books and film and art, sexual content, etc etc were singled out there. Or maybe my translator just improved it massively.

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It does? Wow thanks!