David Attenborough

is best known for writing and presenting the nine Life series, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit, which collectively form a comprehensive survey of all life on the planet.

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IamDavidAttenborough4811 karma

A chimpanzee does in fact tell lies. If you can believe that. Also, when some Colobus monkeys find a very precious piece of food, it calls the alarm call that it would make if a snake were to arrive, and all the other monkeys run away and it gets the food.

IamDavidAttenborough4056 karma

Cherish the natural world, because you're a part of it and you depend on it.

IamDavidAttenborough3649 karma

Yes, I'm afraid we are. It's not possible to reverse the damage we've done. We are undoubtedly exterminating species at a speed which has never been known before.

IamDavidAttenborough3267 karma

Wonderful! Thank you!

IamDavidAttenborough3163 karma

Seeing chimpanzees kill monkeys, they do this to eat them. They chase them, set an ambush, catch them, and tear them apart.

IamDavidAttenborough3084 karma

We're working on the evolution of flight, exploring 350 million years of flight. Here's a sneaky picture.

EDIT - the sneaky picture emerges.


IamDavidAttenborough3030 karma

I never think about guinea pigs!

IamDavidAttenborough2771 karma

Migrations - global migrations.

IamDavidAttenborough2705 karma

Well thank you! We'll put a DVD to you in the post if you send us a PM

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Ill sell you a wig.