Dave Dederer

guitarist and singer for The Presidents of the United States of America

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Lost to the Beatles and Nirvana. I can handle that.

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It's my job.

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That is actually the funniest thing anyone has ever said about my unwieldy surname. And I've heard a lot.

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The highest of pop culture honors. Actually met him a few times and he's now buddies with my bandmate Chris. Last time the band was in LA they did Boston's "More Than a Feeling" with Weird Al. Amazing.


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I like this story a lot. I like the idea of being found in a T-Bird.

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no worries

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Art = magic. No rational explanation. An idea is a seed...sometimes it grows, sometimes not.

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you're welcome

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In the good/bad old days, artists made 12%-16% of the retail price of a CD on record royalty plus $.75 - $1.00 per record for the publishing rights (if they wrote all the songs). So about $2.00 per record. Which then gets commissioned by your manager and split up and otherwise diminished before it gets to you.

The labels were getting $5-$8 per CD. Sony made a lot of money off of us.