Dave Willis

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is an American voice actor, writer, and producer employed by Adult Swim.

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Yes, I could read The Raven in Meatwad's voice.

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Hey, I'm Dave Willis. Starting early. Thanks for checking in on this. Ask me anything! (except for questions related to my time as CEO of Bain Capital)

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Good question. Maiellaro and I were both burned out at the end, and we were also pumped about ATHF - and everyone else was working on other things, so it died quietly in the night. But speaking for myself, every once in a while I get curious about pulling it out of mothballs. We made a push 8 years ago to get Don Rickles for the show, to no avail. Ad sales did a commercial for "The Campaign" with SG interviewing Zach Galifsgdfbaiunor and Will Farrell - and I got jealous. I wish I had done the interview, and I wish it was up to the standards of the show. Short answer: Maybe someday. If we got Bill Murray.

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I agree. That was a GREAT album.

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Yes, I could read The Raven in Meatwad's voice.

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Yes, I think I remember you. I almost shaved your head, but then I saw a look of fear in your eyes. So I shaved the head of your girlfriend instead. You're a good kid, stay in school.

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Fave ice cream? I'm a fro-yo guy. And I am involved with more frequent fro-yo clubs than I am with charities.

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There's room for both. Every animator wants to secretly make movies, I think. And I think live-action comedies that I - and our audience - want to see are more prevelant on the internet than they are on TV. There is not a lot of absurdist stuff out there. Eagleheart and Delocated are great shows that I don't see anywhere else on my television. Children's and NTSF are great, too. So what's your problem?

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ATHF/Squids crossover episode? If we ever do that, you have my permission to find me and shoot me in front of my family. But never say never. Sometimes people do stupid things for money.

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Yes. It's called "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell" It's live-action and I'm writing and directing with Chris ("Stroker and Hoop") Kelly. It's about a dumbass demon in hell who is sent to earth to break up marriages, turn addicts back onto drugs, etc. etc. Like "Touched by an Angel" in reverse. The great Jon Wurster also helped write an episode, and it shows. The funniest guy in rock!