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This one would take forever to reply. Should have written it first because I obviously knew it was coming. Truth is Jenna and I didn't have problems for 99% of the time she was here. When I hired her she cried she was so happy. She was working in a tanning salon. I told her I wanted to make her into a personality. Hence "Getting Weird with Jenna" videos and shit. Turned out she could write too. Gave her Stoolala. She'd do anything we ever asked. The second and I mean the second her first video hit she got weird. She'd come into my office once a week and say I was exploiting her because I wanted to make money off her. I told her that's why I hired her. She'd refuse to meet with advertisers who wanted to advertise. She tried to charge me 10K to appear in Quirk ad when I was paying her 50K a year as an employee. Still we got along because I thought she was just nuts. She hated blogging which she openly admits. She basically stopped working for me. Money was tight and I told her that as long as I could keep the lights on she'd have a job with us but if things got too tight she'd be the first to get the axe. I suggested she sell tshirts with her face on them and I'd front the money and she could keep all the profits beyond her salary. Long story short is once she thought she may be done at Barstool she went beserk making videos and doing all the things I'd always asked her to do. Despite all that I still would have left on good terms if it weren't for the last blog she wrote saying her succcess had nothing to do with Barstool and spitting in my face basically. This was despite us having a 2 hour heart to heart the day before. She talked about how she was getting fired and didn't know when Stoolala would be shut down. I offered to give her the site no strings attached. Just give it to her. Bottomline is I thought she painted me out to be a douchebag when all I did was help her. Now when people ask her how she got her start she says she was just making videos in a tanning salon. It's infuriating. It has nothing to do with money. She emailed me six months ago and apologized and I pretty much told her to go fuck herself

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Would Bob Kraft be jealous if the Revolution made more money than the Pats?

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trying to be?

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Not as many as I'd like because I'm ugly. But if I was decent looking it would be insane

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Her last two presents for her birthday and christmas came from Chanel. We're going to St. Barths in March. She has 2 horses. She's okay with it as long as that shit keeps happening

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I make her

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We have not had anything that I'd have legit. Always content comes up. Will we tone down what we do. I always say we won't. I'd rather figure out how to make money ourselves than change our tone. We are one of the last blogs of our size that has stayed true to what we do. I think that scares a ton of advertisors, investors aways. It's also why Stoolies like us I think

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I think it is related. No joke. I really do

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Do I have to answer honestly everything? Barstool netted about 500K this year give or take