Courtnee Draper

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is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Morgan Hudson in the Disney Channel series The Jersey and as the voice of Elizabeth in the video game BioShock Infinite.

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The fun of this job is working on something I have a passion for. Is it so awesome to be part of the creative cycle for film and music and videogames because that's what I spend most of my leisure time submersed in already.

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SO excited!! I hope you guys are too! It was a lot different recording Liz that way because I wanted to make sure that as gamers you all didn't feel like I was putting emotions or thoughts on you that you didn't agree with. It was important to keep Liz the same, yet accessible on a whole other level. I can't wait to hear what you all think of Burial at Sea Ep 2!

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Troy really does have fantastic hair. I tried to get his secrets while we were working on Infinite, but to no avail.

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I definitely thought a romantic relationship was in the works. Much, much later when I found out the, it was pretty gross. I'm still recovering a bit from that.

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I remember looking at Troy, then looking at Ken, then down at the ground, then back at Troy. I felt like my head had exploded.

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I literally just let a character wash over me and try not to overthink things because that rigidity makes the performance stilted. Once you know a character well enough having fun with it is the most important thing in order to infuse real life into the performance.

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What comes as a talent in acting can look utterly insane in real life. The other day I was in a store, walking around pulling out all sorts of crazy voices while browsing. Half practicing, half goofing off, totally oblivious to social conventions. When I approached the lady at the counter she looked frightened and said, "Wow, you sure talk to yourself in a lot of different voices."

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I think that talking about it on "Up at Noon" was the biggest mistake I ever made. If I could only reach into another dimension and become the Courtnee Draper that never said that...

courtneedray322 karma may have just given me quite the inspiration. If I get thrown out by security can I pin it on you?

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Honestly, what you see in the credits was our first, maybe second run though. It was one of the moments where things just clicked and you could feel the energy vibrating and filling the room. Pretty spectacular thing.