Colin Ferguson

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best known for playing Sheriff Jack Carter on Syfy original series Eureka, and for playing Lewis on Then Came You.

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But they're REALLY expensive to create so we're told very clearly that they are NOT to leave the set or even get played with...

Nasty executives...

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Thanks so much for asking questions! All the best everyone! This was fun!

I got a plumbing situation to sort out....

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... I love our writers...

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HHHHey Erin!!!! xox

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PERFECT!! I'd love that!!

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I'd do it in a heartbeat. I told them that adn they said "let's do something"... but there isn;t a project yet. Lazy, lazy syfy... :)

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Lots of great characters - Fargo's gotta be up there. Up in the Air was a big Fav because the director was someone from within our group and it was a big deal for her and she did it SO well. And I lost my virginity by sleeping with someone... oh wait... is that not what you meant?

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We didn't know the series was going to do well so it was more about helping him do a good show. But NOW that the series is doing well..? NOW I want to beat him badly onthe show :)

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Pretty much. I wanted him to be real and scared and angry and all the things that we all suffer under. And I wanted him to try hard. So I think we got of that in there... and Ilike that he SO clearly LOVED his daughter. That meant the world to me.

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I would be in The NExt Generation. I loved that show. I would have loved to be some weird charatcer on a planet - or Wesley Crusher's nemisis...