Coby Fleener

is an American football tight end for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. After playing at Joliet Catholic Academy during high school, Fleener played college football at Stanford University.

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I'm off my board due to character issues.

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Thanks for the question BRETT_FAVRE_4,

Aaron Rodgers when he retires.

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Sleep. Rehydrate. Repeat. Maybe a "Urinate" thrown in there too... ideally not while sleeping though.

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A little creepy, but impressive nonetheless. thanks! haha

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It's tough to pick a favorite, but Pat is definitely up there. I'd say it would be tough to ignore Luck on the list, as he throws me the ball.

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It's unfortunate all around. A man is dead, a child is without his father, and a fiance is without her future husband.

I hope that justice is done, whatever that may be, keeping in mind that Hernandez (or anyone else for that matter) is innocent until proven guilty.

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Just a bunch of guys getting naked.

Outside of that, I'd say it's like hanging out with your friends... next to guys getting naked.

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That's top secret information. Even the NSA doesn't know.

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Not a chance. Among the things that Andrew is very good at (a list that is much longer than the things he is bad at), neck beard or "neard" growing is near the top. I bet I could take him in the mustache department though.

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Nope. I'll run it by him and get back to you though.