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is a writer and producer for television and film. He has written for the shows Dexter, Shout About Movies, Suddenly Susan, Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Midas Valley, and Trapper John, M.D..

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it's so frustrating because the show ends this sunday and if i tell you my ending, then you'll know that's not what's going to happen. i'll check this site on monday and tell you my ending. okay by you?

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couple of reasons. they broke the code with the audience. it's so important to keep the rules in place when doing a show like that. also... i'm not there anymore!

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i personally pitched the whole trinity story arc to john lithgow in a conference room at his agent's office. i talked for an hour. no notes. when i finished, he stood up dramatically (as he does) and said 'i'll do it!' i said he had some conflicts in timing. he said 'forget that stuff. i'm in!' that's how it happened.

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gotta say, it feels a bit forced to me. i know what they're going for. not sure it works as well as it could have.

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by far it was the fourth season, the trinity killer year. the writing room and the directors had all been with me since the start and we were really firing on all cylinders by then.

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that's hilarioius!

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i'm so not engaging on this one!

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sadly, i kind of agree.

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no regrets. you always have to tell your best story as soon as you can and not save anything. you just have to trust that you'll come up with something better down the line.

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doakes, played by erik king, was a terrific character and a truly great guy. just saw him at comicon in august. it was a tough decision to kill him off. but this is the big leagues; and we wanted the audience to know we meant business. it's a tough world out there and there are casualties. james doakes was a casualty of the fact that he was on to dexter and had to be dealt with.