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is an American film score composer and former drummer known for his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Captain Beefheart. Martinez's film scores include, Drive, Contagion, Solaris and Traffic

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Ok, here you go...

I was first introduced to cocaine circa 1979. I was backstage at Madame Wongs standing around with a bunch of people and a friend of one of the band members took out a tin about the size of an Altoids container. I didn't know the guy, but for some reason he offered the tin and a straw to me first. I didn't want to appear like I didn't know what I was doing, so I took the straw, snorted as hard as I could and demolished the entire tin....probably several hundred dollars worth of stuff. The guy turned to my friend and said, "Tom, your friend just snorted all my coke". Judging from all the disappointed faces around me, I knew my coke etiquette needed a little polishing.

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Thank you, it's my favorite. Whenever I feel depressed, I go to Amazon and read some of the testimonials on SOLARIS...."I held my blind dog up to the speakers and SOLARIS gave him back his sight....SOLARIS cured my arthritis, my razor blades stay sharp when I play them SOLARIS etc."

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Once upon a time I was in a elevator with Chad at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This guy steps onto the elevator, looks at Chad and says: "I love your work man. You are one funny motherfucker". And Chad says. "No man, I'm Chad Smith. I'm here to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Red Hot Chili Peppers". As the guy steps out onto his floor, he looks Chad up and down, shakes his head then says, "You are one funny motherfucker".

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Almost never. I seldom listen to my own music. One possible exception is SOLARIS which goes great with exceeding the speed limit.

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I think it's the same thing. I don't like recordings of my voice. I don't like to look at pictures of myself, don't stand in front of the mirror too long and once I get the music finished, I don't have much interest in revisiting it.

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Yes, mostly Flea. I saw the whole band backstage (and onstage) when they played at the Staples Center last.

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It was a kick in the pants to play with them again at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and again at Staples (three drummers!!). I never played in front of thousands of people during my tenure in the band so it was quite a thrill and an honor. But no, I don't really miss being on stage and punishing my eardrums anymore...

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Yeah. Trout Mask is one for the time capsule. Here's a personal semi-abuse anecdote: I was recording SKELETON MAKES GOOD in the studio and Don (the captain) kept admonishing me to hit the drums harder. When I did, one of my sticks broke in half and hit me right below the eye. I started bleeding and Don stopped the recording and barked over the intercom: " music isn't worth an eye. Why aren't you wearing your safety glasses?!! Kareem was right".

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Yeah, Captain Beefheart really delivered in the weird department. I have read SCAR TISSUE and yes there was probably a little bad blood after my departure from the band but it didn't last long. Leaving the band was best from my point of view and they seem to be getting along just fine without me. :)

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I was surprised that SOLARIS didn't get me more work on Sci-Fi films. Everyday you can find me at the intersection of Topanga Cyn and PCH holding a cardboard sign reading "Will score Sci-Fi film for food". No takers so far.