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Chuck leavell in 2009
is an American musician, who was a member of The Allman Brothers Band during the height of their 1970's popularity, a founding member of the jazz-rock combo Sea Level, a frequently-employed session musician

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chuckleavell32 karma hard to say, but George Harrison was pretty darn special. Such a great guy....beautiful person and amazing songwriter/musician. A real honor for me to have played on his last tour....

chuckleavell26 karma's the STONES!!! And after 30 years, it's also a family for all of us. The parties are off the charts, the rehearsals and hangs are awesome...the time on stage precious. In musical's just loose and one takes ourselves too seriously and we all have a blast!

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You know....even the hard times are good times. I look back fondly on the years when we toured with Alex Taylor in a Ford LTD station wagon with 6 guys all bunched up together. But I must say that traveling in private planes and staying in five star hotels is...well....a little bit better!

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It's all my wife's fault....her family has been connected to the land for generations as farmers, tending livestock and forest lands. In '81 her grandmother passed away and left her a parcel of land and it became our responsibility to carry on the tradition of has been an amazing journey for me and I am very passionate bout environmentalism

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George was THE GREATEST. One special memory is when we all went to Peace Park together in Hiroshima. Amazing to be there with George, who was such a humanitarian....

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Quite well, I'd say!

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Keith is always fun....very cool guy to hang with as you might imagine. Thanks for nice words on HTW....I keep practicing with my right foot and trying to get my left foot into moment on stage? ....every moment!

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Very English....

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Oooooh....well, how about John Lennon, Booker T. Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Winwood, Charlie Watts, Darryl Jones, Keith and Mick....with the Memphis Horns....if I had time, I'd throw out some more names, but that would be a pretty cool start, huh?

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Hey....this is supposed to be a family show!!! No...I've seen some pretty crazy things in my day, but best to leave it to your imagination. At the end of the day....for all of us survivors, it's all about the music. It has been so sad to see some great talents wind up burning out way too early...and those of us that have made it this far want to go a lot further...for me personally, life has been about balance and moderation. Maybe not so exciting to hear, but the thrill of doing what I get to do keeps me in check....