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Christopher Ategeka's CA Bikes manufactures bike and motorcycle ambulances and distributes them to local hospitals, NGOs and government clinics.

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I do not want anyone in my past to live rent free in my head (thats what happens when you hold a grudge). I would like to save those gigabytes of space for something important. Regardless of what happens to you in life, in the end--Love wins!

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Yes (once in a while); and yes you guessed it right... He loves to take credit for all that I have done because he raised me right lol

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The short answer is Passion! If you don't know your passion; dig deep within---its in there. Because with passion comes determination and hard work and the desire to get to the top. (Lots of "NO or miniman Sleep" days :) Not good for your health tho)

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I am the luckiest guy alive...I am leaving the dream Three meals a day...(Thats luxury by the way) I have enough to never have to worry

companies 1. CA Bikes-Non-profit (we build bike 2. Biotech we build DIY instant diagnostic devices-you get results on your cellphone 3. HY (Software) a web platform for medical devices

one of the scariest moments

Thanks for the question. Scariest moment has to be... Near death escape experience...Chimp battle I was about 8 or 9yrs during a heavy storm;running home from the field and came across a baby chimp that appeared to be miserable, lost, and abandoned. I grabbed it and put it on my back attempting to take it to a secure place. Before I knew it a massive beast appeared from the thick bushes that stretched beyond the village...which turned out to be the mom Chimp and ripped me into pieces. The part of that whole ordeal that saved me was the idea that half of "mom Chimp effort" was going into protecting the baby. Otherwise you and I will never know how that would have turned out. I still have enough scars for memories

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Different culture = different context I found things like spending billions of $$ on pets very interesting while there is homelessness everywhere as well as millions of kids in foster care that need a home. Its just different

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I am happy. Sad only brings you down :)

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When my parents past I was responsible for my four younger siblings. I lost a brother in my care...I felt like I failed him

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birds, chimps, baboon, monkeys and anythin' in between

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I am a flyn' I run marathons I love Music/dancing good for the soul

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Definitely! I am waiting to be able to afford it. In the meantime; I am helping kids through motivational talks to remind them of their potential. And tell them to never ever give up