Chris Taylor

is a computer game designer and entrepreneur most famous for developing Total Annihilation and the Dungeon Siege series and for founding Gas Powered Games.

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Dang... I can't tell you how much I appreciate you saying that. It's been a rough week, and it feels great to get your support.

I wished we had pushed harder to optimize memory on the PC so we could have bigger maps... and we made the units bigger, and between the two, we basically f'd up the game.

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I think we'd absolutely make the maps huge, and go back to our roots in the way the tech tree works. I know some people really like SC2's tree, but it's like anything that is established, you had better make it much better if you change it... and we were trying to solve for console and PC at the same time, and that was tough.

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1) Very hard to get investment, to the point of impossibility, as there's virtually no appetite to do PC games like the game we make. It was my hope that Kickstarter would be a whole new chapter in PC Game development... somewhat naive looking at this past week, but perhaps one day that will change.

2) It's very difficult to imagine a game made for 1 million to compete with 50+ million dollar games like Diablo 3, but we felt we could focus more on the gameplay mechanics and leverage our tools. It will be a grinder/deathmarch, but we thought it was worth it if we could make the games we wanted.

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Hey everyone! fire away!

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I think there was an RTS that allowed you to fight above the ground and below the ground, can't remember the name, and it just confirmed what I felt I always knew about RTS games... multiple theaters is just damn hard to pull off.... best of luck to the PA guys!

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3) We're still working on the art style, and really wanted to collect feedback. We did a little of that yesterday on KS, and it was a positive responses, but I would still like to collect more opinions if the project funds.

4) The challenge we have as a developer, and it might as well be said, is that we can't deliver patches and updates, that is the decision of each respective publishing partner, as they own the license on that version of the game. You can imagine how painful this can be for us.

5) We have no debt, and we have already invested many months into the game, and will still have to raise money besides the 1.1 (which is only 1 when you take out the commission for Amazon and KS). Most of the money would go towards game assets and design.

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Square is a great publisher, and we've really enjoyed working with them. No current plans, but we'd jump at the chance to do SC3

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You know, I can't tell you how this kind of support makes me feel... I really hope I can return the favor one day.

U rock.

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I think it's awesome that Alex shared that story, and surprisingly, it's accurate! I would love to tell you guys the whole story, because it's one of the most interesting stories in my 25 years in game development.

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You must already know that I love FAF. I will never, ever stop loving the community that supports TA, SC and SC:FA... never!!!