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Absolutely - A lot of SC is the vision I had for Freelancer (but in a different universe with a more realistic gritty tone) but didn't get to achieve as I sold Digital Anvil to MS and took a break.

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Most definitely. On board spaceships and other large space objects with interiors (like a space station or asteroid base)

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Hi SendoTarget! Glad you like WC3!!! :-)

  1. Yes - not sure about the "Death Star" but certainly huge capital ships like the Carrier in the prototype demo

  2. SC is designed to have a level of detail on individual ships like not other space game done to date - each fighter has something like 100-300 parts, most of which that have individual damaged versions and can break off. Its also not just visual, losing or damaging parts affects how you fly, what systems work and so on.

  3. Yes. You will be able to increase or drop power to your shields depending on where you need to place your ships power output (i.e. in case you want to juice your ability maneuver or need to replenish our guns)

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Yes - you will be able to board, both in the single player Squadron 42 and also in the MP SC.

A private club is your own piece of real estate inside the SC Universe that you can set how enters - think of it like your own exclusive club that you can invite your friends to in order to hang out, plot or chat. If you're not on the list you don't get past the door!

There will definitely be some abandoned places - a station, a derelict wreck an abandoned mine that you could find and explore.

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Star Citizen is not going to be as easy as a modern game where there is no penalty for failing or being sloppy.

But I''ll try not to have something quiet as difficult as the the mission you're talking about - that was the one WC mission that was maybe a little too hard (although the trick is to taunt the bombers) :-)

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Hey everyone - I unfortunately have to call it a day, but I intend to come back and do this very soon in the near future, especially because the reddit outage prevented some of the European fans from getting a chance to ask questions before they had to go to sleep!

You've all been great. I apologize to those I didn't get around to answering and to those that I manged to get to I hope my answers were helpful.

In the mean time if you would like to support Star Citizen you can back us at or at

Evening all!

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The larger ships are designed so multiple people can crew them - one player as the pilot, one on the scanners, one on the fire control, and so on. In addition a large focus of the design is to allow players to "find" their profession - solider, merchant, pirate, explorer... So there are definitely parts of the game focused of discovery and exploration. I've already talked about how we're going to let the players discover new jump points and star systems rather than us reveal them. There will be a lot more stuff like this. Being an explorer will be a fun and noble part of SC.

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  1. Yes you control your desired speed setting and the ship's fly by wire systems try to achieve it. The speed setting is limited on the top end for fun / gameplay reasons but the physics that get you to this speed setting are all 100% correct. acceleration and deceleration are all determined by your thrusters - how much thrust they can bring to bear and how quickly they can articulate in that direction - so if your main engines are more powerful than the thrusters that can apply retro thrust (which is almost always the case) you will likely accelerate faster than you will decelerate.
  2. You will have the ability to do this. Its a more advanced maneuver, and it may require an upgrade to your fly by wire system but it is definitely part of the arsenal of tools available to an advanced pilot.
  3. Probably not - mainly because the focus is on space combat and exploration, not hanging around large celestial bodies! 4.Yes - you could fly as bait (or one of your friends could), and when they are attacked and dropped into a battle instance send out a distress call, allowing your friends (or you) to warp in to rescue. You would have to be close by - the same system
  4. It will definitely have 3D components
  5. Around 10-12 flyable, significantly more in int he game (probably 40+) 7.You will be able to operate with your friends (or AI to a certain extent) bigger ships. The RSI Constellation is an example of this, but it will go up to larger ships - maybe not as big as the carrier int he demo, but probably a destroyer or corvette.

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  1. Not in the initial release if you mean actually flying down through the atmosphere and exploring it in the same level of detail the ships are built. The design is already ambitious as it is. It's something long term that I would love to be able to do, but its a matter of content - We can build a whole universe as we're not having to detail each world out to the fidelity of the ships. To do this you would need a whole other level of computer and content.

  2. The on planet stuff will be like Freelancer / Privateer. You will be able to visit a few locations to buy / sell / upgrade ships, buy / sell commodities, get missions, listen to rumors in the bar and so on. In space you'll be able to move around in first person on spaceships, including boarding and capturing (or defending) larger spaceship s/ installations.

  3. It will be like Wing Commander & Freelancer. It should be simple to learn the basics and you should have fun flying the early missions and it wont overwhelm you with the "sim" of it all. But once you get comfortable there will be a lot more nuance and detail you can delve into if you so wish. Keyboard is supported but personally I think that would be more difficult than a joystick or mouse (which are also supported)

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We plan on building the full SC experience even if we only end up with just $2-$2.5M which is unlikely given where we are now and our current pace. We should be well beyond here by the end but keep up the support!

Te only difference is that we cant promise the full SC experience in 24 months after funding - it may take longer and we may not have as much content on launch, but we'll still deliver it!