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is an American journalist, writer, and media personality.

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Enough Spanish to cross the border. Enough French to get to the Metro. Enough Russian to order a beer. Enough Danish to get a kiss. I don't even speak English that well.

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and the effing guy (Ficano) is running for re-election! can you believe that? and the power company has donated thousands of dollars to his campaign fund. that means I'm supporting him through my utility bill. unbelievable.

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Okay. I'm outta here. Back to work. Thanks to everyone and keep on. Charlie

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that's complicated as hell. The riot was inevitable considering what black people were forced to endure by restrictive housing and a brutal, head-knocking police force. The collapse of the auto industry didn't have to be. Labor gets blamed but management failed miserably.

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Being a good father. Seriously.

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get hold of me by email dude.

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No. None. Detroit is her own woman. We just have to clean her up. And I believe if we don't steal and stop looking for someone to laugh at and blame then we can do it. Shit, we built it. We can fix it.

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Okay. Done. I'm running for mayor.

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Tony is a really cool guy. A lot of people around here didn't like the episode. Fine their opinion. But for the first time, I saw an out-of-towner actually go into and all around Detroit. He showed people. Real people. Dignified regual people and he gave them dignity. I was proud to be in that.

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pawn the crown and get down with the people. tear down the dead buildings. blow up the bureaucracy. get the police department in order. streamline the departments (like get rid of the appartus division in the fire department and lease rigs) take the savigns and restore the paycuts to DFD. like that.