Charley Koontz

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best known for his recurring role as Fat Neil in the NBC comedy series Community

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ha! love you mom! this is my mom everyone! My inspiration!

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no idea

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ken jeong has a 3rd nipple just over his left ear but his hair covers it up. and while i haven't seen Jim since he won his oscar, he has been leaving me really offensive voicemails.

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really great actually. It's hard for a heavier actor to get parts where they are not just a fat joke for a half second. so when I got the D&D episode and had the opportunity to be featured so heavily and also have such a complete arc it was really exciting. I learned a lot about me as an actor while I was doing it. I can't ignore what I look like, its ok to comment on it because its a real thing. but at the same time I try to control it. I have a sense of humor about it, but I don't wanna portray characters that are just the butt of the joke.

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oh god, there were no words in the script that was all improvised. I can't remember all of what she said but I do know it was the dirtiest and funniest thing i had ever heard.

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not as much, but i had played before. a buddy of mine in college made me play. my character was an ogre named Ben Affleck. I wish that was a joke.

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yeah, i have two more this season! I have an awesome part in the Troy/Abed blanket fort war ep, and 3.17 an episode Megan Ganz wrote that is my favorite i think

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off to a great, and in no way embarrassingly sparse, start!

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Ken Jeong has a 3rd nipple right over his left ear. his hair covers it up. And while I haven't seen Jim since he won his Oscar, he's been leaving me really obscene voicemails.