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Neil actually killed all three every morning when he came in to work. it was like his coffee.

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just an aside... it's nice that our opening image is Sarah, and our closing image is Ellie... I think it's nice at least. Good job us! haha :P

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what's the PS4?

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we had a happier ending at one point... where Ellie & Joel were driving completely contented & satisfied with their adventures off into a glorious sunset... but that didn't feel right. It just wasn't honest to the world or the characters we created. This ending felt right for us.

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yes. all true. though since the game shipped I felt I had TOO MUCH POWER, so I shaved it.

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  1. memory wouldn't be as much of an issue. we had to jump through so many hoops to get this game streaming (no load screens in our games still. YAY!)
  2. Ashley Johnson :)

...and you're welcome!

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2 Ellie-sized Joels

would you rather fight a dog-sized bee with only a bat, or try to drive across an abandoned LA with a godzilla-sized hungry kitten?

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that book was awesome. Neil & I both read it... I think back during U2 development. It's a very impactful story. yeah, it was one of many influences. mainly the lengths the father is willing to go for his son, and the darkness of the world that surrounds them. it really shines a light on the things humans are willing to give up (morally) to in order to survive. we also read City of Thieves, the movie No Country for Old Men, the movie Children of Men, and the Walking Dead comic... among some more non-fiction reads about how the world falls apart in "World without Us" and "The Last Town on Earth".... check 'em out.

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shipping the game. actually maybe watching the boot-up sequence with the ND logo & TLOU logo fade into the start menu. I fucking love that. It feels DONE at that point.

but as far as the actual game... there are too many to count. I love this game!