Brian Krzanich

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is the Chief Executive Officer of Intel. He was elected CEO on May 2, 2013, concluding a six month executive search after incumbent CEO Paul Otellini announced his resignation in November 2012.

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we wanted the world of computing to stop at PC's...and the world.. as it never does... didn't stop innovating.. The new CEO of Microsoft Satya said it well the other day... our industry does not respect tradition, it respects innovation.... i think he was 100% right.. and it's why we missed the mobile move..

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There is an over all trend in computing that has been going on for 30+ years.. that computing is becoming smaller.... lighter... more portable.... and more and more connected.. think about it.. it went from main frames to desktops to laptops to tablets and phones.... it won't stop there... everyone who thinks it will stop is wrong.. it just keeps going down that curve.. driven by Moore's law...

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I am trying to start a new trend :-) no actually i use them to try and set apart thoughts and separate ideas...

but secretly.. i am hoping it becomes a new trend............... :-)

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you bet.. i guess i should ask... how tall of a chair first.. but pretty sure i can...

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Graphine, carbon nano tubes.. an other 3-5 materials will become very important to semiconductors over the next few years... they will allow us to lower leakage and power while reducing geometries..

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no.. i used to have time to do that.. i used to build my own PC's.. and actually had one of the first water cooled overclocked PC's around. i ran it at over 4Ghz and this was back in 2001... but alas i do not have the time for that fun anymore

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changes.. currently i am using a couple.. one that is an internal Intel one i can't tell you about yet :-) ... the other is a wrist watch that tracks your biometrics like heart rate , pace steps... it's interesting.. i change regularly so i can understand the experience and what would make me want the device to be a part of my life..

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yes.. we're going to revamp our marketing.. i don't know marketing... clearly in engineering school you don't get much marketing training.. but i agree we need to get some of the innovation and coolness back in to our marketing

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I think there are a few answers to this question based on perspective or the company you are working at... clearly at the root level software is a product... there are many many companies around the world that are proof of that... but for companies like Intel that are for the most part hardware companies.. we tend to use software as a driver for hardware... and we tend to think of software as helping drive he need for hardware... Andy Grove was famous for his software, hardware spiral. where he said each drove the other..