Bret Easton Ellis

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is an American novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer.

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Marry someone rich.

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It was a breathtaking masterpiece.

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Excellent, always thought so.

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Not really, babe.

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Yeah. That's a true story. I still left the drunken tweet on my Twitter feed, hoping one day it becomes a catch phrase.

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I waited to write those scenes until the book was finished. Since I didn't really know how to approach them. I did a little bit of research with some kind of FBI textbook that went into super-gruesome detail about serial killers. Then just being in PBs brain for three years--it all came together. Very upsetting scenes to write.

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That there wasn't a single scene or line of a dialogue from the book.

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If you guys want me on Joe Rogan you should reach out to Rogan's people. I'd gladly do it when the book is out. Or even before.

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You HAD to write a 10,000 word dissertation?!? Thank you. Very flattered. The Sean Bateman gay tweet was, hmm, just a tweet. And I thought it was an interesting idea. Disappear Here has for some reason appeared in all the novels: and. I. don't. know. why. I had no idea Patrick Bateman would be in American Psycho when he first appeared near the end of The Rules of Attraction.

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Favorite: The Rules of Attraction because it caught the spirit of the book and Roger Avary is a truly inventive director. Loved it. Least favorite would have to be The Informers, not because it's such a bad movie but because I was a writer and a producer on it and it just fell away from me and it did not end up resembling what me and Nick Jarecki my co-writer had envisioned. Very hard process, depressing. But there are things I like about that movie. There is a longer cut that makes it more palatable. Oh well.