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is a bestselling American political thriller novelist, non-fiction writer, TV show creator and award-winning comic book author.

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By drinks, do you mean sex?

Brad_Meltzer33 karma

Best question here.

Brad_Meltzer29 karma

Then no.

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Deal. Brookline Booksmith signing is going to be the BEST!

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Ice cream. Four years scooping ice cream in high school. If you were a rich, dicky parent who snapped your fingers at me, I used my pinky to break the bottom of your cone. 50 feet away, it'd be on your shirt. Suck it, upperclass.

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When we shot that forensic dummy in the Meriwether Lewis episode. No way was that suicide. Also, don't go canoeing with Alex Jones.

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The only reason I did it was becasue Joss asked. I wanted to work with him (shock). I have a very plot brain. He has a heart brain. My favorite parts were when we'd get on the phone and I'd add plot and he'd add emotion. Then he'd add, and I'd add. Then we'd spend an hour describing Buffy and Angel having sex.

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I enjoy reading my books too. I don't go in the field because Buddy keeps hitting on me. In a good way.

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It was actually a response to 9/11 -- to let people worry about the heroes like we were worrying about real heroes like police and firefighters. It was supposed to be a small emotional story. No crossovers, no nonsense. And I think that's why it came out so honest. We didn't think anyone would care. Or at least I didn't.

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That's one of my favorite jokes we ever did. See what I just did? I decoded the decoded joke for you.