Brad Muir

is an American computer game designer and programmer. He was the lead designer of BrĂ¼tal Legend, and the project leader of Iron Brigade, Brazen, and Massive Chalice.

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MrMooEar54 karma

I would get to play Dota all day and MASSIVE CHALICE would be terrible. :D!

ok jk - I love the Giant Bomb guys. I'm sure that Brad would do a fine job designing video games... maybe. :D!

MrMooEar51 karma

Man he was really giving me a lot of shit on the Giant Bomb stream! But I love that guy.

I am a pretty bad dancer so I try to only engage in knife fights.

MrMooEar51 karma

YES! :D!

MrMooEar29 karma

We're talking about this system and I think it's one of the most exciting pieces of the game!

I love the concept of including a nature/nurture system where a hero's potential comes from biology and the heroes that raise them.

We're looking into systems that would allow all of the heroes that participate in this process (up to 4 of them? or maybe more?) to influence the skills and stats of the heroes. I would like the system to be this flexible, but it's a hard design problem. I'm excited to tackle it with John and the team! :D!

MrMooEar29 karma

Character customization is something that's really important to me! We want to make sure that there are a lot of options for choosing your starting bloodlines at the beginning of the game, and also renaming children that are born throughout the game.

I loved the nickname system from the new XCOM. I would not be surprised if there were a more fantasy-flavored version of that in MASSIVE CHALICE! ;D!

Naming equipment is a rad idea! I think extending the nicknaming system to equipment is rad. After slaying enough demons a sword could get a nickname that you could then change... that's so cool and now that you said it it's in my brain and it's going in the game! :D!

MrMooEar29 karma

I've worked on three other games since IRON BRIGADE with MASSIVE CHALICE being number 4! BRAZEN was the main one that I pitched for a long time and the other two are SECRETSSSSS! :D!

MrMooEar28 karma

I'm thinking that the map of the kingdom will be static, but the tactical battlefields will be as procedurally generated as we can make them!

That way, the overworld map will look beautiful and we can do awesome dynamic things to it as you suggest! I'm really excited about having "demonic corruption" be our parallel to the "panic" from new XCOM. Having an area of the kingdom get so corrupted that it gets up and walks away? Awesome! :D

MrMooEar28 karma

I have no idea where the IP is now that THQ is gone! Did anyone on reddit buy it? :D

MrMooEar24 karma

That's a rad idea! We've talked about having "module" type story events that happen randomly throughout the game - this could totally be one of them! :D!

MrMooEar23 karma

Our baseline is going to mirror the overall structure of XCOM. You'll be defending the whole realm in a very reactionary way. You'll speed up the timeline and years will pass and then BOOM! The demons are attacking the Keep in the north! And you'll have to dispatch a hero squad to deal with it.

One key difference - In XCOM you start with a pristine earth and you can only fail by losing parts of it. In MASSIVE CHALICE I want you to start with a half-destroyed kingdom so that you can feel like you can reclaim areas. I think it will be really great to feel like you're making some progress and not constantly sliding backwards! :D