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Brad Carter was born on December 5, 1973 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA as David Bradley Carter. He is known for his work on Smashed (2012), Red Dead Redemption (2010) and One Week (2012).

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THANK YOU! I cannot tell you how much I HATE that about this business. The south gets little respect as it is, and to think anyone can paint on a "Gone with the wind" drawl and get the subtle nuances correct drives me crazy. I can't watch "Walking Dead". Hollywood seems to think that if you aren't from Australia, or England that you aren't southern. There are thousands of great southern actors who get passed over constantly for roles. It's a problem. One of my goals is to bring authenticity to southern roles. Kevin Spaceys accent is horrible I agree. In "Midnight in the garden of good and evil" his character is supposed to be from Macon, Ga. Well, I am from Macon and his accent is shit. I sat beside him in a restaurant the other day and he spilled a whole glass of water in his laptop and i wanted to say "Thats what you get for that shit accent".

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Thanks! I just figured it out. I tried to do my best to keep him regional to a specific place in my mind. The writing helped as well., Nics writing helped lean him that way and I just took it further.

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Thank you!

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The BEST! Working with them was like going to a master class in acting and professionalism. They are so seasoned and it makes you step your game up, or crumble. I hope I did the first.

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Thank you! No I wasnt scared, but what you didnt get to see was the takes where Woody beats the living shit out of me. lol We were like "lets go for it" and I was head butting him in the stomach and he was slapping me around and twisting my ear. for like 2 hours we did that, and wound up not using it. Im sad.

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Great question, No for me it didnt, but I hear that it happens and I was worried about it. Hopefully I didnt turn into an asshole and no one told me. lol

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Matthew kept telling me strange facts about Macon Ga. where I am from and I was believing him because he never cracks. I was all like "Really?" and then Woody busted out laughing and said "He's Bullshittin you man".

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Hahah! Reggie stuck them all together.

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Nope, I only got to read through first 5. I was glad so that I could be a fan with the rest of you guys. :)

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THank you! I auditioned twice over a 2 month period. I found out on my bday Dec. 5th 2012 that I got cast. I read both scenes. It was a very long audition. Nic, and Cary were both there the second time. They asked me to make an adjustment so I did the scenes twice. so as you can imagine it was a long one. Nic said he knew I had the part from the minute I opened my mouth. We shot in feb of 2013 so I had a while to get to know my material. However it was rewritten here and there which was tricky after I had learned it another way. Actually some of the original writing crept in to my takes and they kept some of it. It all started getting mixed together in my head. lol 14 hours. we did both scenes in one day. I was on set a total of 17 hours. In surgery they have to keep you awake and lucid so you arent drugged, but you are given a type of sedative to relax you. there are no pain receptors in the brain so they can poke around. it did however hurt horribly when they pierced the Dura (Sack around the brain) AWFUL