Robert Francis "Bobcat" Goldthwait

known for his energetic stage personality, his dark, acerbic black comedy, and his gruff but high-pitched voice.

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Just kidding. Anything with Kirk Cameron.

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Very. Most people think I'm dead.

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I was being sarcastic. I had a friend named Bearcat and I lied and said my name was Bobcat. Tom Kenny lied and said his name was Tomcat. 30 years later, they're called Barry and Tom. And I'm called Bobcat. so I guess the joke was on me.

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I hope people are inspired by the movie because it's a violent movie about kindness. If people were a little more kind after watching this movie I'd be happy. If you could take rational people and turn then into killers by showing them movies, the military would be in the business of producing movies. If we're going to start banning violent works of fiction because we're afraid of how they may influence people, we should start with the Bible.

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When I was in England, there was a My Super Sweet 16 marathon and it depressed me to no end.

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Anything with Kate Hudson.

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I write movies the way they come out of me. I don't write them second guessing what people will like or not. The end of World's Greatest Dad was the first part of the screenplay that I wrote. I don't consider it a dark comedy nor was that my goal. It's just my style. I make my movies small and away from the studio system so I don't have to listen to notes. The producers I work with our supportive but never ask me to change the content. That was always the ending, and I don't think of it as a cop out at all - the real cop out would have been if Lance kept the truth to himself and just enjoyed his ill - gotten fame and fortune. Sorry I ran out of time and thanks for all of your interest.

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I went through a bad breakup and had man-orexia. I now realize that that was a really douchebag thing for me to do. For those of you who thought I had cancer or AIDS, please don't take this the wrong way, but go fuck yourself.

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Furious. I'm also mad that I can't move to Narnia. You know Larry Sanders was fake right?

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I met Kurt before Nirvana broke. Surprisingly, he was a fan of my standup. That's like finding out that Jimmy Hendrix really loved Carrot Top. He gave me the copy of Bleach. I thought it was awesome, but then I also thought rock and roll sucks cause you're never going to hear from these guys. A year later, I was opening for them, getting hit in the head with work boots. As much as I cherish my time on the road with the band, I don't know if I would be the person to make that movie.