Bob Metcalfe

Bob metcalfe
is an electrical engineer from the United States who co-invented Ethernet, founded 3Com and formulated Metcalfe's Law. As of January 2006, he is a general partner of Polaris Venture Partners

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You are welcome.

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Am quite famous among my people, networking nerds. That's enough for me. On the other hand, who is Katy Perry?

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Close your PC and pay attention to the professor. And do not get me started on ageism with this "younger generation" stuff. Anyway, we used to have a lot of electronics in our dorm rooms at college back in the 1960s, but those were stereo systems.

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Not anymore. How about snarky?

Thanks for making us so much money with Archivas.

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Yellow is the official Ethernet cable color, in my mind. I wonder if IEEE has a spec on that.

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I'm with you on that.

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What?! Porn on the Internet? Ethernet filters out porn.

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Did not make my Ethernet money on patent royalties, but by SELLING Ethernet for a decade to people who didn't know they needed it.

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That nobody ever changes their mind.

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The luminiferous "ether" was an omnipresent passive medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves.