Robert "Bo" Burnham

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achieved fame when his YouTube videos took off and received more than 70 million views by October 2010

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Dude, I think Tony is in jail now. Legitimately. So talk shit to me all you want but I'd be careful throwing Tony's name around like that.watchyourself

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In a Chicago hotel in 2009, a fan blew me from the ceiling for the whole night.

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Not nowadays, no. Louis CK started turning over an hour a year and then it was like every comedian felt like they needed to do that. Louis is brilliant and prolific and that process works for him. But I needed more time. The Beatles could churn out two brilliant albums a year but Radiohead needed a few years in between. (YES I AM RADIOHEAD AND LOUIS CK IS THE BEATLES).

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YEAH FUCK YOU, RETARD!!! (am i internetting right??)

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Glad you dug that bit! Wasn't sure how it would play. At the taping, right after the "video editor's are so fucking-" I think I said, "and then we'll cut and, uh, just forget it this joke isn't for you." I could've spent time explaining it but I was worried that that would kill the momentum.

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You know that was something I was really worried about when I started because if I had been grinding it out on the comedy scene for 15 years and some little kid had showed up and had an audience sort of fall into his lap out of nowhere, I would've been pretty annoyed. But I've found, across the board, that comedians have been very respectful and kind to me. And that seems to stem from the fact that they are just respectful and kind people in general. Comedians get a bad rap for being dark and anti-social I think.

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The show took about 3 years to write and perfect. The "memorizing" sort of happens during the writing for me.

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Cheese makes my stomach hurt. Do I get an award for most pussy answer ever on an AMA?

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My father is amazing and obscenely supportive. I think a lot of my act, for me, is sort of a parody of being a performer or an "artist" so I always liked that the subtext of the show was just me filling a dad-shaped hole in my heart. I'm also very weary of attention and I don't want to include my loved ones in it. I signed up for something, and I don't quite know what it is, but I know that they didn't sign up for it and I don't want to drag them into it. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I'm just trying to play it safe.