Bill Lawrence

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is an American screenwriter, producer, and director. He is best known as the creator of the sitcom Scrubs, co-creator of Cougar Town and co-creator of Spin City.

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I do hate cats my friend. Does anyone have a great pet cat? Trick question, cats aren't pets. It's like saying you have a raccoon as a pet. I'm cool with atheists, evolution, I think, happened, I have a 13 year old daughter so I'm not down with the boob flashing, and are "memes" those street performers who don't talk? See you tomorrow?

BillLawrenceHere1434 karma

Your friends are wrong?

BillLawrenceHere1036 karma

Nice. Come ask me Monday morning - I'm speaking at your school...

BillLawrenceHere979 karma

How does my magic typing machine keep delivering questions?

BillLawrenceHere976 karma

I do not know what "DOWNVOTING" means as I am 45 years old and not that bright.

BillLawrenceHere861 karma

He's honestly very crazy.

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Can anyone here write ten solid minutes of stand up for me? I haven't done stand up in 20 years and am starting to panic.

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What do you all think of idiots like me trying to promote their shows themselves, grass roots style: too desperate or makes you interested?

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Depends if you're the husband or wife.

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Because he still lies to people... And thanks, man - this meant a lot.