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comedic writer, video game journalist and author of adventure games created using Adventure Game Studio software

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yahtzeee1125 karma

Hard to say because I eventually caved and did them all - World of Warcraft used to be it, and more recently Pokemon was one. I guess the only one left is Kingdom Hearts, which I haven't done because fuck you.

yahtzeee917 karma

My parents have never approved of what I do. The last time I saw my mum she just sighed and said 'as long as you're happy' in a really, really passive-aggressive way.

yahtzeee904 karma

Get the hell away from me.

yahtzeee790 karma

So people don't have time to think about it.

yahtzeee649 karma

And that.

yahtzeee619 karma

Cover-based shooting. Token RPG elements in non-RPGs. And the plot twist where the guy you thought was good is actually bad.

yahtzeee606 karma

One take. I do cut out pauses for breath, though.

yahtzeee523 karma

I just have a grudge against my own mouth.

yahtzeee474 karma

Portal 2 of course, Infamous 2, LA Noire, the new Zelda, Duke Nukem Forever. I've interviewed Randy Pitchford in person and he's a straight up sort of bloke.

yahtzeee434 karma

My very first review on Youtube was of The Darkness and I used it to represent the imps in that game. It looked funny enough on its own to hang around.