April O'Neil

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first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in her early 20's in 2009. April was nominated for an XBIZ Award for New Starlet of the Year in 2011.

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It's kanji for "I'm a dumbass who got a tattoo at 15."

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Fuck Raph. Marry Don. Kill Leo. Have Mikey direct an orgy of me, April, Casey & Irma.

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Rotate them regularly and maybe something about keeping a full tank? I don't fuckin know, I don't own a car.

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Rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

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I was 17. I had heard that a lady's first time can be a bit unpleasant what with the pain and blood or whatever. So, one night at a party, I decided that I wanted to get the first time over and done with so that when I found someone I loved and wanted to have sex with it would be a pleasant and romantic experience. I started at the top on my phone's contacts list and called anyone I thought was attractive enough to fuck and asked them to come over and take my virginity. My friend Cornelius was the first to say yes. We did it in his Suburban, it was awkward, didn't hurt at all, and we wrote our names in the steam on the window because we were cheesy like that. D'awww.

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For the pussy. The money didn't hurt, either. And the freedom to choose my own schedule.

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Oooh! Uhhh. Fuck. I want to say Targaryen but that Arya is such a bad ass! I haven't read the books though, so...

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I fucking love cuddles.

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No, that's just bizarre.