Anurag Kashyap

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is an Indian film director, producer and screenwriter. He famously is termed as an Art filmmaker who loves dark and real concepts.

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Pyaasa Bandit Queen and a mainstream classic like Lagaan

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With Music i first look for the right person always a music director who has an inclination to create than to deliver a hit song and then he should have the time i need. Minimum we have taken on any film to create music is 18 months. Bombay Velvet we have already spent 4 years, gulaal we spent 3 years and Gow more than 3 years. Music is developed simultaneously along with the script is why they go together well. Lyricists are more often than not chosen by the music director, he throws choices at me and i respond as yes or know and we discuss the script at every stage amongst ourselves. and whenever we pitch the film its always with ready music. that also explains why i always work with a new music director. 2.i will care about the 100 crore club when my film costs more than 50 crore. like with my next BV needs to make more than that to be sustainable for me in the future. 3.torrents zindabad..other than that we are constantly trying to break into foreign markets , with last few films we have managed to do that in europe. we still need to crack US and UK

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Argue when they dont understand and make sure that your film is powerful enough for them to let it go and honest to its milieu so that it does not look like a cheap afterthought

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okay i am done. now i have the Qtiyapa guys waiting to make Qtiya out of me. had lot of fun. lets do it again soon

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i remember it.

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1.yes the next film by Karan Gaur has a script much ahead of its time. you would love it if you like Shane Carruth 2.i dont feel any responsibility, i do things because i enjoy them or i just dont know how to say No to genuine passion and maybe i am selfish. i see it as the only way to survive . more they exist , longer i will get to make films. 3.a lot, most of the times we improvise lives of our politicians.. imagine those old fogies taking viagra and sitting there waiting , looking down at it for it to rise to the occasion backlit by the sun and then there is a crisis and they have to go and they have to run and be in the middle of it for the photo op and the viagra starts to take effect.. and then he is giving a morality speech 5.i have been proud of my sister for long.. i have been waiting for ages for her to take the plunge directing him 6.i dont want to know where its heading, i am happy that it exists and if we keep at it we will live and expand. supply and demand 7.whats the point.. most regrets are personal

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  1. to each their own. i dont tell them what not to do and will not allow others to dictate me. filmmaking is also business and we should not forget that if those films that make money are not made then we also wont be allowed to make films. look at europe , the countries that make only art house films have no industry are dependent on the government and institutions for money and those filmmakers get to make one film every six years unlike us who make a film a year

  2. integration depends on the audiences. now they release regional language films subtitled but are not patronized by the audiences. integration also depends on cultural understanding.

  3. a horse sized duck. it will be a fun fight. the other would be irritating.

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  1. i am thankful to piracy because it saved cinema and my career and i get bothered by it too that because of it our mainstream cinema now world wide has become only about summer blockbusters and superheroes and sequels. torrents have killed meaningful cinema worldwide because they are not like events and people chose to see them on laptops
  2. australia someone did buy it NL i have no idea but it all depends on local distributors and exhibitors.
  3. BV yes. Ugly so far in Europe, US , Australia and Asia. in january/dec

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Would you like a drink?

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always my next