Anthony David Weiner

is a former U.S. Representative who served New York's 9th congressional district from January 1999 until June 2011.

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i am happy that so many people care about this issue. it is the foundation of so much of what ails the nation today. the supreme court has become an outgrowth of the pro business wing of the gop. we need a couple of things fast : transparency and improved rights of investors to stop public companies from crash landing on political campaigns.

im a middle class guy. if we dont have public financing soon, congress will have no more weiners. uh, let me rephrase that...

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uh, yes. but you dont need to look to other nations. take the american plan - medicare. expand it to all americans.

game. set. match.

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the president is doing a great job leading the nation and an average job leading our fight. i think when the president looks out his window he sees a cacophony of disparate voices shouting at each other and feels the need to quietly pursue the best deal for the american people.

however, we also need someone to fight for progressive values. we need a leader of our vision of the world. i try to do that, he rarely does.

as for my compromises, i was wrong to vote for the iraq war. i trusted the president. i shoulnt have

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there is nothing in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead possums.

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id publicly fund campaigns and limit expenditures by candidates.

we need to end the constant money chase and the ability of corporations to distort the national debate.

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i heard my last original weiner gag in the 5th grade.

"vote for weiner, he'll be frank"

(thank you. please tip your waitresses)

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there are 3 tea parties. one is the actual human beings who are frustrated and feel disempowered and are livid we elected a kenyan president. we should try to win them over.

but beware the other two groups:

the political class who are stoking and exploiting the anger and the business interests who's bidding is being done. they must be stopped. not debating them.

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I am so with you brother. do we really think that thing that lives in a trash can isnt a freak out to our children? and the vampire that counts stuff?! im scared just talking about it.

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i dont think i let anyone slide - including my own beloved nation. but i proceed with a set of values that leads me to support Israel strongly: i support democracies. i support nations that have thriving debate and press freedoms. i support nations that respect women. and i support nations that support the rule of law.

Israel is not perfect. but they are surrounded by violent enemies.

the plight of the Palestinians is untenable. i pray for two states living side by side in peace. but that can happen only through negotiation.

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the president should have come to congress for our approval.

but i do believe in using our might to protect innocent people from violent dictators.

i think the European and arab states must take primary ownership of this.