Anthony Jeselnik

is an American standup comedian, television host, writer, producer, and actor. Jeselnik is known for his dark comedy style, which emphasizes misdirection and sociopathic non-sequiturs.

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I once had half the crowd walk out on me in Seattle when I asked an obese journalist student if she was getting into food criticism.

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Okay. Starting strong. Thanks for having me, everyone.
Comedy Central made me delete the Boston Marathon joke. I wasn't happy about it but, despite popular belief, I can occasionally be a team player.

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Casey Anthony's baby.

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I hate all the Patriots. But he's probably my favorite.

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I can stand by a tweet. But Comedy Central said they couldn't publicly support me, in the form of announcing our second season pick up, unless I deleted it. I wasn't about to tell the people who work for me that they didn't have jobs anymore because I wasn't going to delete a stupid tweet. Of course, if they had asked me to apologize for the tweet, we'd all be out on our asses.

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Great question. It's a little annoying, but I understand it. We're both tall white dudes on comedy central who say edgy shit. But we're very different. I think people compare us because they just like comparing things. I used to get Mitch Hedberg a lot, even though I couldn't be more different. But we both told one liners, so there you go. I also think some people just don't know that much about comedy. It would be like a person who didn't know anything about football thinking all offensive linemen are the same.

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I hope so.

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I know he has. I actually like Dane Cook. I think he's interesting. We met once recently and it was a little awkward, but he seems like a good guy.

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I'd love to have Sarah Silverman on the show some day. Other than that, we've gotten everyone I wanted. We have Joan Rivers with Dave Attel this season, which is a fucking dream come true.