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his signature song "Drifting" became a Featured Video on YouTube and MySpace, achieving over 44 million views on the former to date and remaining one of its highest-rated music clips

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That kicks so much ass. Thanks for letting me know! :-)

And congratulations!

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I dedicated Rylynn to my friend. He had a daughter named Rylynn but sadly she passed away at a young age.

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  1. Hmm, from a technical point of view I guess Hunter's Moon was a bit of an accomplishment.
  2. Hunter's Moon
  3. I am playing Tribes Ascension a lot lately. If anyone is on there you can add me, my name is Dudeabaker. :-)
  4. Their PR guy is a guitarist and he heard I was into video games. He sent an email to my management sayign I was welcome to tour the campus anytime I was in Irvine. I've been over twice now and Diablo III is looking awesome. Great company, great people there!
  5. I don't really have any security, I can't afford any! I just rely on the security at the venue if they have any.

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Absolutely agree, I think my talent is more in the compositional area than playing.

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All of my tabs are available on my website. They go for the fairly reasonable price of $2.00. Or you can probably get them for free somewhere. I'd appreciate your support though! :-)

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Hahaha, cool story bro!

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Hahaha, thanks man! Honestly though, I think I just had the good fortune to find something that I was adept at and that I enjoyed.

On top of that, somehow I managed to find a way to make a living at it! I feel really lucky for that.

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I first heard the harpguitar on a Michael Hedges recording called "Live on the Double Planet". The first time I actually saw someone playing one though was actually at the WVF! Mr. Stephen Bennett as I am sure you could have guessed.

I absolutely loved it and SB ended up selling me the HG he was playing that day. It's the one I used in the Youtube videos (Into The Ocean etc.)

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I don't think I have a favorite tuning really, but here are a couple I like a lot: ECDGAD and BGDGAD.

That Gadd9 inversion is so killer. I love that B in the bass!

For strings I use D'addario XP medium gauge.