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he is notable for co-founding the video game company Naughty Dog

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I have a real 19th century Samurai sword. Does that count as manly? :-)

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Oooogghhhaa booooobhggghhaaa

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I hate this question... because it's kinda sad :-(

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I would absolutely love to see a HD version of the first 4 Crash games for the PS3. And, even better, a really great fully modern PS3/XBOX reboot. But I don't control any of the rights anymore -- but Crash is still my boy in his own way.

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All I can say is that the next Naughty Dog game is probably a post apocalyptic survival adventure game with a teen girl and an older guy trying to survive in a ruined America. I don't know why, but I'm just feeling that.

And I'm good friends with lots of Naughty Dogs. I had dinner with four of them last night!

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Hehe. He's my creation. I used to pretend to be him at the office and lunch in the early days of Crash. "Idiots! If the three of you had a neuron between you, you couldn't make a triangle!"

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Exactly like passion fruit, but with a finish like wet dog.

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I don't have any control over it -- but I agree it's the best racing game ever!

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I have a question for some of you! Who are the 90 down voters? boo hiss! (I'm being funny -- at least I hope)

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guilty as charged!