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Thanks! I guess my mrgilbert (my old roommate) hasn't looked at my facebook page in a while.

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I wanted to do a real honest to goodness action movie. That's always been my goal. This idea originated with an urban legend about a drug dealer who would drive a jet black sports car up and down the turnpike with no lights on. He would avoid the police by using night vision goggles to see. I always thought that was a cool image and that's what I started with.

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Of course. That's why I wrote it that way.

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No clue. I was more shocked than anybody. We got better reviews than every movie that opened against us, better reviews than every movie that opened the week after us and better reviews than every movie that beat us with the exception of Zero Dark and Silver Linings which are fucking Oscar contenders.

Not to mention that we're a fun action movie. This isn't Tree of Life or something like that. I have no idea what happened.

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I wanted to have him take a nut shot and then say "don't worry, this happens to me from time to time."

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Thanks! I can't give too much info on my next project, but here is a little blurb about it.

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I was there in 2004/2005.

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Once Lionsgate optioned it it was theirs to do what they wanted. They were in talks with Liam Neeson to star for a while, but obviously that didn't work out. About 23 months passed from the option to the green light. Multiple times during that period it looked like we might get shelved. All I could do was hope things worked out. Fortunately they did.

A lot of scripts get optioned or even purchased outright and for whatever reason they never see the light of day. It sucks, but that's the reality of the business.

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There were other writers. With very few exceptions, every screenwriter gets rewritten a few times before a film gets made. Tarantino probably doesn't get rewritten, but I bet everybody else does. It's just how things work. As far as my involvement, I did two passes after my original draft was optioned. After that I was finished with the project and the other writers got to do their thing.

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I could nit pick it to death, but I like having my hair and that's the kind of thing that causes it to fall out. I'm very pleased with the final product. I think Dir. Kim did a terrific job.