Anahit Misak Kasparian

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co-host and producer for the online liberal news show The Young Turks

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How do I get more people to up vote this? I'd like to beat Cenk's up-votes ;)

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I know nothing about working with American heroes. On the other hand, I know a lot about working for a goofball. :)

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I'll never live that down, will I?

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Hell no.

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Often time Cenk and I disagree on social issues. For instance, when we did that story about the 10-year-old who shot and killed his neo-Nazi father, Cenk wanted him to get the maximum sentence in jail. He would be behind bars until 23. But I wanted the boy get psychological treatment instead, because I felt that he was a victim of psychological abuse and didn't really comprehend the difference between right and wrong.

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It gets annoying when I do a story about something I feel passionately about, and the majority of the comments are about my "boobanies." I go out of my way to cover up so people can pay attention to what I'm saying. But I can't get too upset. I guess being told you're attractive is not the worst thing in the world. Also, I realized that there are lots of people paying attention to the message and that's what counts.

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I don't love it because it causes a lot of confusion. But we have been clear about what the meaning is. We rebel against societal expectations. We don't believe in following the establishment. That's what it means. It has nothing to do with Turks or Armenians.

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Cenk is an intimidating guy. But I love that because I've learned a lot from him. I like debating him because it makes me a better debater. For instance, if I know we're going to disagree, I come correct and bring the facts to back my argument up.

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I was the cute girl who came on to talk about irrelevant stories in the last 5 minutes of the broadcast. I'm much more fulfilled doing the online show.