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is a pop/rock/electro musician. She created a Power Hour Drinking Game Album that contains 60 one-minute songs that are also a drinking game. She self-released the album on a USB drive kept within a shot glass.

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Slightly. I haven't once encouraged anyone to attack him. I don't condone vigilante justice!!! Mostly I'm telling the facts about the case. And I do believe it's my right as freedom of speech to say he's a "dumbhead crapface".

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I actually just had an interview with morning radio here in Pittsburgh which required me to get up. I sounded like a frog.

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I was playing shows as an average guitar strumming white girl and no one cared. I don't blame them. Who wants to hear unfamiliar music from a girl you don't know? I wanted to make my shows more like parties. Power Hour was the solution.

And it worked. As soon as I could say "Come to my party! Come play my drinking game!", word of mouth took off like crazy

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The difficult part was showing that his trademark was "generic". Because I failed. Haha... My lawyer and I convinced the court it's "descriptive" but not "generic". Luckily we only needed one. But don't ask me the difference.

The tipping point for deciding to go for it was when this story blew up on reddit the first time!! You guys were so awesomely supportive that I knew I couldn't sit back and let Steve push people around anymore

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I was a lead artist at a video game company. My design work is here.

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Come to my live stream No Pants Power Hours! We all wear no pants together

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Because Andrew WK has yet to call me. Or give me his phone number. Or open his curtains.

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Are you suggesting that after I worked so hard for intellectual and creative freedom that I'm going to start trying to shut down other people playing Power Hours? Because I'm not an asshat. I was just talking about my show.