Alex Falberg

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Alex Falberg is an actor, known for Katya (2011), Progression (2013) and The Men Who Built America (2012).

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That's funnier, I like that.

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the Fireman 0__0

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Tesla would have mysterious parties at his house and invite Mark Twain over to play with Tesla's x-ray gun...

The two would take countless x-rays of one another and marvel at pictures of their skulls. #oldschoolinstagram

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I may have to give you reddit gold for that...

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Well, I was born in the Soviet Union, but grew up in Ohio. So - advice on how to be Russian in what context? In a tv show? - just practice an evil sounding Russian accent and you're golden.

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and now you get an upvote too!

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Thats... an amazing idea! I haven't. Don't even know about how I would go about doing that...

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In reality, it probably would have.

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He just wants to be a man who built America I suppose...

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Charlie is one of the kindest, brightest and talented people I've met. He was amazing to work with. He was very thoughtful during the more physically choreographed sequences. It was amazing to watch him problem-solve in an incredibly high pressure situation while maintaining just the kindest and most generous attitude. I'm excited to watch his career skyrocket.