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this is sort of the "rosebud" Citizen Cane mystery at the heart of the first Anchorman. Keep in mind Brick's sense of first person / third person is different than all of ours. To say that Brick loves the lamp assumes that he sees the lamp as separate from himself, which I do not believe he does. Brick has a prelapsarian epistemology that does not include a separate identity from the world. In other words he and the lamp are one. If one reads the writing of St Thomas Aquinas, it is clear that an absence of love only exists when there is ego separation. Brick does not have this ego separation. Therefore, he not only loves lamp…he loves carpet, Ron, barracuda, credit card tray and all of us.

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Will is not as tough as Sam Jackson or Liam Neeson. He's not as big a movie star as Will Smith. He's not as good looking as James Marsden, but goddamit Will Ferrell has heart and that counts for something in this world.

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Unfortunately not anytime soon. Anchorman 2 is enough sequel for now, but I can tell you there will be another Will Ferrell / John C Reilly movie. We're working on a couple ideas.

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Pearl is now 8 years old, plays the violin, makes movies on iMovie and is addicted to Zevia Root Beer.

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I've already handed your pitch into Sony. We start location scouting tomorrow morning.

BTW you clearly know your martial arts movies. "American Soldier" as a stock villain is hillarious.

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One simple sentence…there is a love song to a shark. If this doesn't convince you we don't want you to see it.

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1 Old Glory Insurance with Sam Waterston

2 Wake up and Smile with Will Ferrell, Nancy Walls and David Allen Grier

3 Angry Boss with Pierce Brosnan and Will Ferrell

4 The Procedure with Willem Dafoe - short film that never aired, but you can see it on Funny or Die

5 Bill Brasky

Honorable mentions: OBGYN, Neil Diamond VH1 storytellers, The baby and the German intellectual, Centaur sketch with Chris Walken, Jeopardy

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From our end it didn't feel like a push. We love this character and we had a lot of opportunities with creative freedom. I wish we could have just parceled it out over the next 5 years. I know it was a lot of Burgundy at one time.

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It was amazing to live in NYC and work on what is now really the last old school live television show. I remember having to run down the hallway with 20 seconds to go before air with changes for the monologue and having to do the changes on the floor as the cue cards were being put in front of the host…we were only 3 sec in front of what the host was reading. Feel lucky to have been there.

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I literally can't shut up about the Tesla. I'm not a car guy at all and I'm now spoiled for all other cars. Haven't been to a gas station in 8 months. And we have solar power at our house…so I love giving no money to creepy oil companies or coal plants. Supposedly Tesla is coming out with a more affordable model in the next couple years. Highly recommend. I also drove a Chevy Volt and that car kicks ass too.